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Welcome to Carl's Compassionate Care Program!

Carl's Pharmacy has been taking care of Port Credit since 1932.  A Main part of our mission is to give back.

The Universe

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.


Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

― Albert Einstein

If  you are between the age of 25 and 65 years old with no medical coverage, and you struggle to get your medication expenses under control, please call us. We may be able to help!

Carl's Compassionate Care Program is a very confidential program that will be taken care of only by the head pharmacist.

To Join the program please email us at with a subject " Carl's Compassionate Care Program". You will receive a call to discuss some details and every effort will be made to make life a little easier for you.

Note: During the initial assessment(s), some financial details and proofs will be needed to complete your file.

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