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Carl’s Pharmacy works collaboratively with a number of doctors around the port credit, Mississauga area. We have provided a non inclusive list of doctors and practices which we personally suggest as professional and reputable. After getting diagnosed you can get your prescription filled at Carl’s! Whether visiting in store, getting it delivered, or using our app to have it ready. There are multiple ways to get your prescriptions to you. If you have questions about a specific practice don’t hesitate to ask us in store. These locations are all within a 2 KM radius of us. This enables you to receive a prescription specific to your situation from them, and get it filled from us within the next 10 minutes. This saves you travel time and gets your prescriptions filled faster using our various methods such as our: app, delivery service, and website

**We are not affiliated in any way with the following practices**

Address: 170 Queensway West Suite, Mississauga, Ontario

Name: Khanna Rajiv Suite 111

Phone: 905-566-0121

Name: Norman Abramson (fax reps)

Phone: 905-275-0023

Name: Douglas Mah Suite 104

Phone: 905-281-2642

Address: 101 Queensway West, Mississauga, Ontario

Name: Bachir Tazkarji

Phone: 905-272-9900

Name: Blair Cappel

Phone: 905-272-9900

Address: 1471 Hurontario, Mississauga, Ontario

Name: Lorraine Cytowski

Phone: 905-274-1475

Address: 71 King Street West, Mississauga, Ontario

Name: David Brooks Suite 407 (no fax rpts)

Phone: 905-279-1342

Address: 2200 Dixie road, Mississauga, Ontario

Name: Richard Thorner (no fax rpts)

Phone: 905-279-1700

Address: 1150 Lorne Park Road, Mississauga, Ontario

Name: Nirvashni Rughubir (unit 9)

Phone: 905-271-5717

Address: 100 Queensway West, Mississauga, Ontario

Name: Bruce Hickey (fax repeats)

Phone: 905-848-4454

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