Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




Which Vaccine? This updates with every shipment--> MODERNA

Can we get AstraZeneca Vaccine? 

Ontario Pauses Administration of AstraZeneca Vaccine TFN.

Please use the following link for more info.

What age? Peel is now vaccinating --> 18 Years and above (turning 18 on or before December31/2021)

DOSE2, When to expect it?

General expectations are 16weeks from Dose1.

Emails will be sent to register online ahead of time.

Are vaccines safe?

No Medication or Vaccine is 100% safe. We always outweigh the risk vs the benefits. We tend to believe that the risks from the vaccine are way less risky than sleeping in an ICU.

Did the pharmacy staff get vaccinated?

Yes, right now all our staff are vaccinated. 

Will you ever get Pfizer? 

We might get Pfizer. However it all depends on the stocks available at the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Is AstraZeneca Safe? 

In pharmacy world, we trust a medication when it has been in the market for ten years or more. All these vaccines are super new to us. The data shows that their use outweigh their risks. We tend to think that getting the vaccine (any of them) is way better than getting COVID and sleeping in ICU.

Will AstraZeneca give us blood clots? 

For us as pharmacists, AZ vaccine is just another medication. There are a lot of medications that might cause blood clots. For example Birth Control pills, that are widely used, might cause blood clots. The data that we have seen so far shows that the probability of blood clots from AZ vaccine is much less than lot of other medications we dispense every day. Although no-one can guarantee zero side effects , yet we tend to think that the probability of having a blood clot after AZ vaccine is very slim compared to the probability of having major blood clots after someone catch COVID.

Although some side effects are rare, they could still happen. What should I watch for regarding Blood Clots? 

Blood Clots signs may be hard to pin point. Remember this; CLOT stands for:

C: Chest pain

L: Light Headedness 

O: Out of Breath

T: Tenderness, in Legs/Calves

S: Swelling, in Legs

Is there any published data on AZ vaccine? 

Yes. Please feel free to check these links:

I am Pregnant, Can I come for a shot now? 

If you are over 40, please call the store. If you're younger than 40, you will have to book directly through Peel Public Health unit.

I registered but never heard back? 

1) Check you junk and spam folders

2) Supply issues; we will send you to book a time slot, only when we have stock in our fridge. If the MOH is short on vaccine, we won't email you to come in. Once a new shipment is received, we will email you ASAP.

Will I get the same kind of Vaccine in Dose2? 

Trials are being conducted in Canada and other countries to see if mixing vaccines will provide more immunity with less side effects or no. No results have been published yet.

I'm under the current age cutoff, but I'm a caregiver or have medical conditions? 

You might be able to get the shot quicker, but not in a pharmacy setting. All Pharmacies in Peel are approved to vaccinate people based only on age groups set by the MOH.

How often do you receive a vaccine shipment? 

The MOH send us a shipment every week or so, however, when cases soar in a certain area, they stop shipping to all other areas and direct all vaccine to those hot spots. Hotspots are usually on the radio if you want to locate one.

Can I get the vaccine at my Doctor's office? 

If your doctor has the vaccine, then yes you can get vaccinated at his office.

Will you email or text me when Dose2 starts? 

Please read in full.... Yes we will, HOWEVER, thousands of emails will be sent, please DO NOT depend solely on the email reminder. Please visit this website once weekly so you don't miss out. Click on Dose2 to pre-book your name.

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