Eligibility Criteria (Updated Frequently)


What's the Current age group:


For Dose-1 and Dose-2:

Peel is now vaccinating anyone who is 12 years and older.

For Dose-3:

 - Currently allowed ONLY for People with certain medical conditions.

 - Dose-3 is administered only by a letter from your doctor.

 - If you think you need a third dose, please see your doctor, get a referral  letter, then walk-in with that letter.

 - Click below for a sample letter prepared by Peel Public Health Unit 



How can I get my COVID19 shot?

  Please Call us then walk-in !


- We accept Walk-ins as long as the Ministry of Health continues to ship vaccines ( Pfizer and Moderna).

 - Please call the store first to make sure we have supply, then come on in!

 Our phone number is: 905-278-7041

 - We DO NOT carry AstraZeneca Vaccine . Pharmacies in Ontario are NOT allowed to administer AstraZeneca vaccine any more. If you need to get the AZ vaccine, you will have to call Peel Public Health Unit at 905-799-7700.