Eligibility Criteria (Updated Frequently)

What's the Current age group at Pharmacies? 

Peel is now vaccinating anyone who is 40 Years and above . That's to say anyone who is turning 40 on or before December31/2021 (If you are 18 years or older please see our FAQ to know how to book)

You can still pre-book and add your name to our waiting list, however, many names are being added daily, so please follow the media and do not come if you're still under the MOH published age cut-off.

Remember the booking system is getting very complex and overloaded with all the criteria added daily by the government. We have seen it a couple of times where people in their 20's were emailed to come in.

What's the Next age group at pharmacies? 

Soon the age cut off will be dropped to 35 years and older, pending the MOH approval!